Thiruchanur Alamelumangai Thayar Sannadhi Durmukhi Varusha Pavithrotsavam Concludes



The three-day annual Pavithrotsavam at Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple in Thiruchanur  concludes in grand manner on September 19th 2016. On the day of the Pavithrotsavam , Temple priests conducted ‘homam’ was conducted in  morning and evening  in the specially prepared ‘yagasala. Later Sudharshanar theertha berar had theerthavari in the pushkarani. Lot of astikas took part in the pavithrotsavam and had the blessings of Sri Padmavathi Thayar.

The objective behind performing Pavithrotsavam every year in the temples is to seek the pardon of the deity for any act of commission and omission committed inadvertently by the priests, by the temple authorities or by the visiting pilgrims and restore the purity in its original pristine form.

For Previous day Pavithrotsavam :  Thiruchanur Alamelumangai Thayar Sannadhi Durmukhi Varusha Pavithrotsavam Day 1 & 2

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016002 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016003 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016004 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016005 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016006 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016007 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016008 thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016009thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016001thiruchanur-sri-alamelumangai-thayar-pavithrotsavam-day-3-2016010

Courtesy : Sri Vijay

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