Malayala Naatu Divyadesa Yatra From Srirangam



There are 13 Divya Desams  present  at (Malainadu) Kerala.In which, Perumal Sevai  in Nindra thirukkolam on 10 divya desams,  in 2 divyadesams Kidantha kolam  and in  one divya desam in irundha kolam. Othere than this, Sree Guruvurappan temple is more Prassidhi ( Well Known) and visited by  Lot of devotees to have darshan of Guruvayurappan. Most of the Srivaishnavas around Tiruchirappalli are aware of the great service and kaingaryam done by  Sri Sourirajan. Every year he takes many  Sevarthies to various divyadesam/Abhimana Sthalam in different time period. They have organised a 4 days  yatra  to have darshan at  Guruvayoor and 13 Divyadesam at Kerala. Its quite difficult for everyone to have darshan separately by going to each places by bus or train. Those interested can contact the above address to have a nice darshan at Kerala Divya desam.

To Know more about the Kerala Divyadesam visit :  Detailed Travelogue & Videos: Malai Nadu (Kerala) Divya Desams

For further details please contact the number in the Patrikai.

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