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Thiruvahindrapuram Sri Devanathan Perumal Temple Durmukhi Varusha Navarathiri Utsavam : Day 1 & 2


On, 2 October  2016, Durmukhi  Varusha Purattasi Chithirai, Navarathri Utsavam Commenced  in a grand manner at Sri Devanathan Perumal Temple Thiruvahindrapuram . On this occasion being day-1 , in the morning Serthi thirumanjanam took place for Sri Hemabujavalli thayar and Sri Devanathan Perumal along with Swami Desikan.  In the evening Ul purappadu took place for Perumal and Thayar after that Serthi in the Kannadi Aarai along with Swami Desikan took place followed by asthanam at Thayar Sannadhi and then Satrumurai sevakalam .Likewise on day 2 of Utsavam , Afternoon Devanathan Perumal and Hemabujavalli thayar asthanam at Thayar Sannadhi  followed sevakalam. Lot of  Astikas took part in the Navarathiri Utsavam Day-1 & 2 and had the blessings of Divyadampatis.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Day 2 of Navathri Utsavam

thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016001 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016002 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016003 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016004 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016005 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016006 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016007 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016008 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-2-2016009

Day 1 of Navathri Utsavam

thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-1001 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-1002 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-1003 thiruvahindrapuram-navarathri-utsavam-day-1004

Photography : Sri Vainadeyan Venugopal, Sri Murari Srinivasan & Sri Karuppur Balaji

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