Thiruvellarai Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal Temple Durmukhi Varusha Dolotsavam : Day 4 To 6



As part of the Dolotsavam at Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal Temple, Thiruvellarai.Day 4  to 6 was celebrated on 21 to 23rd October 2016 in grand manner.On this occasion Perumal and  Thayar ezhundarulal in the mandapam near Thayar sannadhi and enjoys in Dolai. Lot of sevarthies had scintillating darshan of Divyadampatis in Unjal sevai.  Many Srivaishnavas participated in the day 4 to 5 of  Dolotsavam and  had the blessings of Divyadampatis.

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion….

Day 4 of Dolotsavam

thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-2016001 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-2016002 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-2016003

Day 5 of Dolotsavam

thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-5-2016001 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-5-2016002 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-5-2016003 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-5-2016004 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-5-2016005

Day 6 of Dolotsavam

thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-6-2016001 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-6-2016002 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-6-2016003 thiruvellarai-dolotsavam-day-6-2016004

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

Photography : Sri Madhusudan

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