Mylapore Sri Madhava Perumal Temple – Swami Manavala Mamunigal Satrumarai and Peiyazhwar Avathara Utsavam: Day 5


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On 4th November 2016, Swami Manavala Mamunigal satrumarai was held at Sri Madhava Perumal Temple Mylapore. Later in the evening Peiyazhwar Avathara Utsavam Day 5 was also celebrated at this temple.  Many astikas took part and had blessings.

The following are the photos taken during this occasion:

 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_04 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_02 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_06 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_01 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_03 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_08

Peiyazhwar Avathara Utsavam: Day 5

mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_01 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_02 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_03 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_04 mylapore_sri_madhava_perumal_temple_swami_manavala_mamunigal_05

Courtesy: Sri Bharathwaj Balaji

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