Nagaresu Kanchi-Sri Devarajaswami Perumal Koil : Part 2


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Nagaresu Kanchi-Sri Devaraja Perumal koil: Part-2

  Anantha Saras

 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-22 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-23

The temple tank is called Anantha Saras or the Lake of Anantha. Anantha or Sesha as we all know is a nityasuri who is ever waiting to serve His Lord Narayana.  He exists as a Hill in Tirumala and as Water in Kanchipuram. We see a mandapam with two rows of pillars painted white and yellow in the centre. Behind this mandapam we can see a smaller four pillared mandapam and to its right another mandapam in the water. What makes this Anantha Saras special is the presence of Atthi Varadar in a silver box inside. Attimaram means fig tree and this was the original Moolavar who comes out of the Anantha Saras once in forty years and is worshipped for a mandalam (fourty+ days) This will happen in the year 2019.  The original divyamangala vigraham was replaced with the present one in the 15th century.  The pushkarni is a delight to watch and is filled with fish of varying sizes. Devotees offer pori (rice flakes) and it is fun watching the ripples created by the fish coming up to devour them. Again if one comes during sandhya vandhanam time one can see devotees performing their nitya karma there. This is where Teppam (Float festival) takes place for Perumal and Thayar during the month of Thai (January/February) for three days. There are many residents who take their daily bath in the pushkarni, there are others who take a dip on auspicious occasions and thousands on ‘Theerthavari’  day.


Sudarsanazhwar (Chakrathazhwar ) Sannidhi


As we turn around we have Chakrathazhwar sannidhi. Sudarshanazhwar is endowed with all auspiciousness and this sannidhi is particularly potent with positive energy. We have to climb a flight of steps and offer our prostrations at the mandapam. This is the spot where Veda Parayanam is done daily at about 6.00 p.m. People make offerings to the goshti on special occasions like birthdays and weddings. As we proceed inside we see Yoga Narasimha seated on a five headed coiled up snake. The five tirumans on their heads at short distances  attract attention. As is the norm we have ‘Yoga Narasimha’ (Narasimha in Padmasanam) with chathur bhujams (four Hands) holding four chakrams on one side and Sudarshana on the other.

As we proceed in pradakshinam we reach the entrance to Chakrathazhwar sannidhi. There is a twelve pillared mandapam with carvings of deities like Rama and Hanuman. Hanuman on  one pillar is offered lamps and pradakshinam. There is a ‘Yagya -kundam’ decorated with kolams and many a time ‘Sudarsana homam’ is done here. Devotees light clay lamps on a big tray. On Saturdays this tray is shifted outside to the Nandavanam side.  There is a huge lamp filled with oil which is kept lit near the hundi. As we enter the sanctum we behold Sudarsana (Moolavar) with 16 Hands and Utsavar is ‘Dwadasha Sudarsana’ that is Kesava, Narayana, Madhava,Govinda, Vishnu, Madhusudana,Trivikrama, Vamana,Sridhara,Hrishikesa,Padmanabha and Damodara figurines are found on the divya mangala vigraham. Tirumanjanams can be sponsored and devotees get relief from physical and mental ailments by worshipping Charathazwar. This sannidhi is particularly crowded on Saturdays. Devotees perform pradakshinams starting from 2 to 108.


nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-26 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-27 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-28 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-29 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-30 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-31 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-32 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-33 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-34 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-35 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-36 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-37 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-38 nagaresu-kanchi-sri-devaraja-perumal-koil-39

Behind Chakrathazhwar sannidhi is the temple’s  Nandavanam or garden. This goes by the name Dorai Thottam. It can be reached through Chakrathazhwar sannidhi and is open early in the morning. There are plenty of coconut trees, mango trees  as also Tulasi-vanam, champaka trees and different kinds of flowers like nandiavatai, tuber rose, sampangi etc. There is a mandapam here where Perundevi Thayar comes on Fridays along with Her children (devotees). There is a pond which goes by the name ‘Potramarai-kulam’. This place is huge and provides greenery but can be improved by increasing man-power and roping in those with expertise in laying and maintaining gardens.

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Photos : Sundararajan

Write-up  Vyjayanthi Rajan

To be continued

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  1. Dear Shrimathi Vyjayanthi Rajan madam & Sundararajan Swami, Anantha Kodi Namaskarangal..

    Wonderful write up and photos as usual.

    Praying Sri Perundevi samedha Sri Deva Perumal to ordain a efficient and able garden specialist to change this nandavanam into the one like Tirumala..

    Very sad to see the poor condition of maintenance.. its such a wonderful treasure that the ancestors have left.. and it pains to see the administration not caring and tending to these wonderful infrastructures..

    The stark contrast of the Tirumala temple and the Srirangam and Kanchipuram temple is appaling…

    While Tirumala had the grants from kings, its remoteness and inaccessible environment until the late 1940 – 1950s, the infrastructure was poor and it was also not taken care properly..

    Compared to that, the properties and infrastructure of Srirangam and Kanchipuram was far far better..

    But today, due to visionary leaders and trustees in TTD, the temple at Tirumala is doing so good, that its able to make it true to its name again, following the foot steps of Sri Anandaalwaan, the TTD gardens have really made it a ‘Pushpa Mandapam’.

    At least in the Sri Ramanuja Sahasraabdhi, lets hope and pray, that with the vast wealth of Sri Ranganatha and Sri Varadaraja is accounted for properly and motivated and religious minded people get the nandavanams and other infrastructure maintained properly..

    Jai Sriman Narayana,


    Sri Ramanuja Daasan,


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