Sholingur Sri Amruthavalli Thayar Durmukhi Varusha Karthigai Masapirappu Purappadu



On, 16th November 2016,Durmukhi Varusha Karthikai Rohini; Sri Amruthavalli Thayar purappadu took place at Sholingur. On this Karthigai month first day, Sri Amruthavalli Thayar returns back to top of the hill.Lot of astikas took part during the purappadu and had the blessings of Thayar.

Here is the link to know more details of the temple: Sholingur – Sthala Puranam. Many devotees took part in this purappadu and had darshan of Divyadampathi’s.

The following are the photos captured during this purappadu:

sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_03 sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_02 sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_04 sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_05 sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_01 sholingur_sri_amruthavalli_thayar_06

Courtesy: Sri Kavi Karthi

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