Madhuranthagam Yeri Kaatha Ramar Dhurmuki Varusha Sri Rama Navami- 2017



On 5th April  2017, Dhurmuki Varusha Panguni Poosam; Sri Rama Navami was celebrated at Maduranthakam Sri Eri Katha Ramar Temple. It was also Day 9 of the ongoing Sri Rama Navami Utsavam. In the morning, Sri Ramar Seetha and Lakshamanar had snapana thirumanjanam and in the evening, there was thiruveedhi  purappadu for Sri Ramar on Silver Chariot (Velli Radham). After that asthanam was conducted followed by Veda and Divya prabandam satrumurai took place in grand manner. Several astikas took part in the purappadu and Satrumurai on the ocassion of Sri Rama Navami and  had the blessings of Sri Seetha Ramar.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion are as follows…

Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_1.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_2.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_3.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_4.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_5.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_6.jpg Madhuranthagam_SriRamaNavami_7.jpg

Courtesy: Sri Sampath Kumar Ranganadha Bhattarcharya


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