Nagai Sri Soundarraja Perumal Muthu Pallakku



On, 14th April 2017, Hevilambi Varusha Chithrai Anusham; Is the 4th day of Vidayathi uthsavam  at Nagapattinam Sri Soundarraja Perumal Temple. On this occasion, In the morning Moolavar Sri Soundarraja Perumal  gave special dharshan in ‘RETHNANGI SEVAI’ for Hevilambi varusha pirappu. In the Evening around 4.00 pm, Hevilambi varusha Panjanga padalam was held by Bhattar swamy. After that, Perumal & Ubayanachiyars had muthangi purappadu to Nayakar Mandabam and blessed the devotees in the ‘NOODHANA MUTHU PALLAKU’ decorated with pearls. Muthu Pallakku is a long palanquin decorated with White pearls & velvet designs with special thoranams. Sri Soundarraja Perumal Purappadu on Muthu pallaku took place in the Maada veedhis of temple. Many Srivaishnavas participated in the Arulicheyal and Veda Parayana Goshti during purappadu. Lot of astikas  took part in the Purappadu,  and had the blessings of Nagai Azhagiyar.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion are as follows…

Nagai_Muthupallakku_01.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_02.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_03.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_04.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_05.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_06.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_07.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_08.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_09.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_10.jpg Nagai_Muthupallakku_11.jpg

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