West Mambalam Sri SathyaNarayana Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Days 1-3


Today June 27, 2017 (Hevilambi Aani Ayilyam), Day 3 of the annual Brahmotsavam at Sri Sathyanarayana Temple, West Mambalam, Chennai, was celebrated well. In the morning, Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal as Sri Ramar on Hanumantha Vahanam had thiruveedhi purappadu. In the evening, Perumal as Yoga Narasimhar rode the Simha Vahanam through the Mada veedhis.

Yesterday (Day 2), Perumal along with Ubhaya Nachiyars had thiruveedhi purappadu on Surya Prabhai in the morning (Gajendra Moksham) and Chandra Prabhai in the evening. On the evening of Day 1, Perumal had purappadu on Hamsa vahanam. About an hour prior to all Perumal purappadu, Sri Chakratazhwar has thiruveedhi purppadu in a small palki (both morning and evening). The future sripada thangi for Utsavar of this temple (kutties) enthusiastically performed purappadu for their small deity (kutty umachi) with superb alankarams on the evening of Hamsa Vahanam and Chandra Prabhai.

For Day 1 Dwajarohanam and purappadu pictures, please visit West Mambalam Sri SathyaNarayana Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam. For utsavam details, please visit Pathrigai.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier during the utsavam…

Simha Vahanam

Hanumantha Vahanam

Chandra Prabhai


Surya Prabhai

Hamsa Vahanam


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