Srivilliputhur Thiruvadipoora Utsavam Day 3: Sri Andal-Rangamannar Thanga Parangi Narkali-Hanumantha Vahana Purappadu


The 10-day Thiruvadipoora Utsavam is being celebrated grandly for Sri Sengamala Thayar at Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple. Yesterday, July 21, 2017, Day 3 of the utsavam was celebrated well with Sri Andal blessing Her devotees on Thanga Parangi Narkali and Sri Rangamannar on Hanumantha Vahanam.

On the previous day (Day 2, July 20, 2017), Sri Rangamannar and Andal had purappadu on Simha Vahanam and Chandra Prabhai respectively. On the first day (July 19, 2017),  Dwajarohanam took place in the morning and the Divya Dampathis had purappadu in 16-Vandi Chapparam in the evening. Several devotees are participating in this utsavam and receiving the blessings of Andal-Rangamannar.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam so far…


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