Hevilambi Varusha Pancha Samskara Utsavam At Madurantakam – The Day Swami Ramanuja Had His Samasrayanam


In the month of Avani, on the Sukla Panchami day, Peria Nambigal gave the Samasrayanam or Pancha Samskaram called Dvaya Mantropadesam (divine syllable) to Swami Ramanujar. The festival is celebrated every year as the Pancha Samskara Utsavam – A Sampradayic Utsavam at Madurantakam.
Madurantakam – this is the only place where Swami Ramanujar can be seen as a Grihastha (with Panchakatcham). Bakthas can see the Mandapam (which is within the precinct of the temple madil suvar) where the Pancha Samskaram was performed.
This year on August 26, 2017, the utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Madurantakam. Swami Ramanujar and His Acharyam Sri Periya Nambigal proceeded to the Madurantakam Eri and had Teerthavari, followed by thirumanjanam. Later after returning to the temple, Swami Ramanujar and Periya Nambigal performed mangalasasanam at all the sanadhis in the temple.In the evening, Swami Ranujar and Periya Nambigal enjoyed purappadu in the beautifully decorated pushpa pallaku.
The schedule for the day was as follows…
0700 Vishwaroopam
0830 Thirumanjanam
0930 Purappadu
1015 Mangalasasanam
1300 Panchasamskara Uthsavam
1400 Yathiraja Sapthadhi Goshti
1500 SriBashya Bhagavath-Vishaya Vidwat Sadas
1830 Pushpa-Pallakku Purappadu
2000 Satrumarai
A Bhagavath Thadiaradhana was arranged at ….
Sri T E S Madhavan
Sundara Bhavanam
No.15-16 Sannidhi Street
The following are some of the photographs taken during various events on Saturday…

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