Interesting Facts About Irapathu Utsavam


1) Thirumangai Azhwar, one among the Paniru Azhwargal recited the Thiru-Nedun-Thaandakam to Ranganatha Perumal of Srirangam. The pleased Ranganatha Perumal praised Thirumangai Azhwar and granted him two boons.

2) Thirumangai Azhwar asked perumal that he should listen to ” Thiruvaimozhi “  and he also wanted ” Thiruvaimozhi ” to be given the status of Vedham.

3) Namazhwar is reffered to as ” Vedam Tamizh Seidha Maran Satakopan “.

4) Swami Namazhwar Divya Thirumeni ( Archai) was brought to Srirangam from Azhwar Thirunagari by Tirumangai Azhwar for Irapathu Sevakalam.

5) In all Divya Desams during Irapathu utsavam perumal hears only ” Thiruvaimozhi “

6) The last day of the Irapathu Utsavam is called as Namazhwar Thiruvadi Thozhal Utsavam.

7) During Thiruvadi Thozhal the last 20 pasurams of thiruvaimozhi is recited which refers to how this jeevathma is released from the body and the last 10 pasurams refers to how the jeevathma reaches the ” paramathma “.

8) As an enactment of the pasuram, Namazhwar’s siras is made to touch the lotus feet of Perumal to signify how azhwar ascended to paramapadham.

9) Later pasurams describes how the jeevathma after attaining paramapadham reaches perumal

10) Perumal is requested to give back Namazhwar for the benefit of his adiyars through  ” Vinnappam “

The entire Thiruvaimozhi pasurams has only one objective, and that is “ MOKSHAM “. Swami Namazhwar stresses the importance of prapathi which is the only way a jeevathma can attain perumal thiruvadi.


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