Swami Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsava Vishesha Purappadu At Thiruallikeni- Part 2


On 26th January, as part of Swami Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam vishesha purapadu at Thiruallikeni was held in a grand manner. Scores of devotees were delighted after witnessing the blissful beauty of Swami Desikan and Gantai. Young kids were full of enthusiasm and were racing with each other to hold theĀ  Makara thoranam, alavatam etc throughout the purapadu which took around three hours to complete. A book named ” Tamizhar Thozhu Vedantavasriyan ” was released and distributed to all Swami Desikan Adiyars.The mahotsavam came to an end with various Divya Desa Mariyadhai to Swami Desikan and goshti viniyoham. Below are some of the pictures taken during the mahotsavam.

Photo Courtesy: Sri Rajagopal Madhavan

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