An Infographic on Lord Hayagriva


Hayagriva, an avatar of Lord Mahavishnu, is the lord of all vidhyas (knowledge and wisdom). It is important for all seekers of knowledge and power to meditate on Sri LakshmiHayagrivar to get His divine grace. Swami Desikan has exalted Lord Hayagriva in his various works, notably Sri Hayagriva Stotram (comprising 33 slokas).

In the 36th verse of Satadooshani, Swami Desikan says –

Namastredhaa vibhaktaanaam aatmanaam antaraatmane
Brahmane hayavaktraaya bandhamokshaika hetave

(Obeisance to the supreme Brahman, Hayagriva, who inheres in all the three types of souls – bound, liberated and everfree – and dispenses bondage and liberation)

The following is an infographic on Lord Hayagriva…

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