Thirukkudandhai Sri Ramar Temple Sri Ramanavami Utsavam Day 5


On 21st March 2018, Hevilambi Panguni 7(Barani), the 5th day of Sri Ramanavami Utsavam was celebrated at Thirukkudanthai Sri Seetha Lakshmana Hanuman Samedha Sri Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam. For the purappadu on that day, Lord Rama dressed up in a whitish green vasthram, the glittering jewels adorned his vasthram and his broad shoulders looked like a mini nandhavanam as fragrant and scented flowers had their shelters there. As  his hands were held with the Dhanusu, he resembled a king who was ready to protect his asthikas from the bad things around them. His Thiruvadi was landed on the shoulders of Jai Veera Hanuman who is always ready to be a vaahanam of Lord Rama.

Some of the Photos taken during the Purappadu can be viewed below:

Photo Courtesy:Sri Venkata Gopalan




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