Mannargudi Sri Vidhya Rajagopala Swami Hevilambi Panguni Brahmotsavam Day 14 to Vidayatri Day 1


After 18 days of Panguni Utsavam, the Vidayatri Utsavam started on 25th March 2018. The Vidayatri Utsavam will be celebrated for 10 days every year after the 18 days of Panguni Utsavam. This year, on the first day of Vidayatri, morning procession took place to reach Kothanda Ramar Sannadhi, ‘Sedhubhavachathram’ located on the northern banks of Haridranadhi Tank and ascended in ‘Aandal Thirukolam’ in the evening adorned green vasthram and fragrant jasmine garland. And again by that night, Sri Rajagopalan had a palanquin Sevai. For that purappadu, he had a beautiful alangaram in ‘Sri Ramar Thirukolam’ and returned from the place of Sedhubhavachatram.

On 20th March 2018; Hevilambi Varusha Panguni 6(Aswini), the 14th Day of Panguni Brahmotsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Vidhya Rajagopala Swamy Temple, Mannargudi. Sri Rajagopalan and his consort  Sathyabhama were beautifully adorned garlands and ornaments in a Raja Alangara Sevai. Purappadu took place on a big white ‘Kaja Vaahanam’ in the twilight.

The 15th day of Brahmotsavam was performed on 21st March 2018, on Panguni 7(Barani). For that day event of Churnotsavam, Sri Vidhya Rajagopalan with his consorts Rukhmini and Sathyabhama dressed up in ‘Kalyana avasara Thirukolam’ adorned fragrant flowers and jewels followed by Perumal Purappadu on a light filled Koradham.

16th day of Brahmotsavam was performed on 22nd March 2018, on Panguni 8(Karthigai). The day procession took place with a very special manner of beautiful Vennathazhi alangaram followed by Chetti alangaram in Vennathaazhi mandapam in the evening and Night purappadu took place with big Golden Aswa Vaahanam. For that Sri Rajagopalan had a handsome Vayaali Raja alangaram. Several people in and around Mannargudi came and received blessings of Sri Rajagopalan on that auspicious day.

On March 23rd March 2018; Hevilambi Panguni9 (Rohini) the 17th day Brahmotsavam took place. On that morning the processional deity Sri Rajagopalan with Ubayanachiyars on his either side, ascended to the Thiruther after a nice alangaram in a golden yellowish vasthram for Thayars and white coloured vasthram for Perumal adorned ornaments and scented garlands. The Therottam took place by the noon. Even though the day was too sunny, a very huge number of crowd gathered and participated in Thiruther Vadam Pidithal in the mada Veedhi. Finally the night session ended up with Theertha Vaari.

The day 18 of Panguni 10(Mirugasheerisham) event was celebrated on 24th March 2018 concluded with Pushpa Yaagam and Sapthavarnam. Pushpa Yaagam was performed for the morning procession. And the evening Thiruveedhi Purappadu of Rukhmini Sathyabhama samedha Rajagopala Swamy in Sapthavarnam took place.

Some of the Photos taken during those occasions can be viewed below:

Day 14 Evening(Yaanai Vahanam)

Day 15 evening(Churnotsavam and Koradham)

Day 16 Morning(Vennathazhi)

Evening (Chetti Alangaram)

Night (Vayaali Raja Alangaram)

Day 17(Thiruther)

Day 18(Pushpa Yaagam and Sapthavaranam)


Vidayatri Day 1(Aandal Thirukolam and Sri Ramar Thirukolam)


Photo Courtesy: Sri Vicky and Sri Rajagopalan Rangarajan




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