Thiruvarangam Sri. NammPerumal Panguni Aadhi Brahmotsavam Day 4 and 5


As a part of ongoing Panguni Aadhi Brahmotsavam, the 5th day morning procession of Sri Nammperumal was performed in a grand manner at Thiruvarangam Sri Ranganathar Temple on 26th March 2018; Hevilambi Panguni 12(Punarpoosam). On that event, Perumal was adorned pink coloured vasthram with garlands followed by thiruveedhi purappadu which took place on a golden Shesha Vaahanam.

The 4th day of Panguni Aadhi Brahmotsavam was celebrated on 25th March 2018; Hevilambi Panguni 11(Thiruvaadhirai). On that day, Sri Nammperumal had a palanquin Sevai in lanes of Chitirai Veedhi. On that evening,  Sri Perumal had a procession from Rangavilasa Mandapam on golden Garuda Vaahanam and many asthikas in Chitirai Veedhi  received the blessings of Sri Nammperumal.


Some of the Photos taken during those Procession can be viewed below:

Day 4(Morning)

Day 4(Evening)


Day 5(Morning)

Photo Courtesy: Sri Raghavan Nemili Vijayaraghavachari




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