Thiruindhalur Sri Parimala Ranganatha Perumal Temple Oonjal Utsavam: Day 1-3

Sri Parimala Ranganatha Peurmal

Sri Parimala Ranganatha Peurmal

On 3rd April 2018 (Hevilambi Panguni Swathi), the 3rd day of the Oonjal Utsavam took place at Sri Parimala Ranganatha Perumal Temple, Thiruindhalur. In the evening Perumal and Thayar wore pink silk vasthrams and adorned kaasu malai, several peandants and jasmine and rose garlands. Both Perumal and Thayar had great alangaram. After alangaram, the DivyaDampathis had Oonjal sevai. Oonjal was decorated with several flowers.

Likewise 2nd day of the Oonjal Utsavam was celebrated well on 2nd April 2018 (Hevilambi/ Chithirai). On this occasion Perumal was dressed up with pink vasthram and Thayar had green silk saree. Sri Parimala Ranganatha Perumal had sparkling alangaram followed by Oonjal Sevai. After that sevakalam and satrumurai took place. On 1st April 2018 (Hevilambi Varusha Panguni Hastham), the 1st day of the Oonjal Utsavam took place. Several astikas participated in the Oonjal Utsavam and received the blessings of DivyaDampathis.

Some of the photos taken during the Utsavams are as follows:

Day 1

Sri Parimala Ranganatha PerumalSri Parimala Ranganatha Perumal

Day 2

Day 3

Photo Courtesy : Sri Balaji Thirumalai

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