Thiruneermalai Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple Panguni Brahmotsavam Day 1 and 2


As a part of ongoing Panguni Brahmotsavam, the second day has been celebrated at Thiruneermalai Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple on 3rd April 2018 (Panguni Visakam). In the morning, Perumal and Thayars had beautiful alangaram with garlands and jewels and gave darsanam in kannadi arai. This was followed by thiruveedhi purappadu for Perumal on Simha vahanam. In the evening, Perumal got ready for his thiruveedhi purappadu on hamsa vahanam in vellai vasthram and decorated nicely with jewels and flowers. Before purappadu to vahana mandapam, oonjal sevai was performed. Then the procession took place around 7pm.

Earlier on 2nd April 2018 (Hevilambi Panguni Swathi), Panguni Brahmotsavam commenced grandly with Dwajarohanam. Perumal along with his consorts blessed devotees in beautiful alangaram. Purappadu took place for the utsavar in the evening on Padichattam (Tholukiniyan). For that Purappadu, Sri Perumal with his consorts wore maroon and purple colored vasthrams respectively.

Some of the Photos taken during those occasions can be viewed below:

Day 1

Day 2 Morning

Day 2 Evening


Photo Courtesy: Thiruneermalai Sri Raju Battar

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