Thirunindravur Sri Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam: Day 6 to 8


The 6th day of Panguni Brahmotsavam was celebrated on 7th April 2018 (Panguni-Moolam) in Thirunindravur Sri Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple. On that day, choornabishekam, manavala mamuni serthi thirumanjanam took place. For that evening, Perumal had a Venugopalan thirukolam and wore a blue with green vasthram while thayars wore yellow colored  vasthram and gave an auspicious darshan to their devotees followed by Perumal Purappadu on Gajavahanam that night.

Next day (8th April, Pooradam) was the 7th day of Panguni Brahmotsavam in Bakthavatsala Perumal temple. For that day, Perumal and thayar got ready for grand thiruther Utsavam with adorable jewels and fragrant garlands in an astonishing manner. After alangaram, processional deities were ascended on the thiruther. Lots of devotees participated in Thiruther VadamPidithal and received the blessings of Sri Perumal and Thayar.

On the day 8 (Panguni-Uthiradam), it was the time to stole all our hearts by stealing butter in the form of cute crawling Krishna who dressed up beautifully with silky blue and pink combo vasthram and had a purappadu on Palanquin. On that procession, Sri Perumal blessed all his devotees in Vennathaazhi Kannan alangaram.

Some of the photos taken during those moments can be viewed below:

Day 6 Morning:



Day 7:


Day 8:

Photo Courtesy: Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah

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