Mettupalayam Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam: Day 5

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal

As a part of ongoing Brahmotsavam, the 5th day was celebrated well at Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple on 3rd May 2018 (SriVilambi Chithirai Kettai). In the morning, Perumal wore blue and pink silk vasthram and had a great alangaram with flower garlands and ornaments. After alangaram, Perumal had purappadu on palanquin. Admiring His beauty in the mirror which was placed inside the palanquin, Perumal gave scintillating darshan to the astikas in Nachiyar Thirukolam. In the evening, Perumal wore yellow silk vasthram and He was decorated beautifully with ornaments like kaasu maalai, maanga maalai, several pendants and anklet. He was decorated with flower garlands of jasmine and thulasi. He also adorned a pearl and blue stone fixed beautiful crown. Then He ascended on Garuda vaahanam and had purappadu on the temple streets.

Earlier on 29th April 2018 (SriVilambi Chithirai Magam), the Brahmotsavam was commenced in a grand manner. In the morning, Dwajarohanam was performed. The flag was hosted amidst Vedic chanting. After that Perumal had a great alangaram and then had purappadu on Surya prabhai. Perumal ascended on surya prabhai which is driven by Arunan, the charioteer and the 7 horses. In the evening, He wore pink silk vasthram and had abharanams like lotus chain, maanga maalai an several pendants. A green parrot perched on His right shoulder. He had purappadu on Chandra prabhai. The morning of  2nd day of the Brahmotsavam (30th April- Chithirai Pooram), Perumal had purappadu on Hamsa vaahanam. With His saaya kondai, Muthu Maalai (Pearl Garland), Kaasu Malai , Thattai Padhakkam (Flat Pendant) & Venkudai (White Umbrella), He gave scintillating darshan to the astikas. He also had veenai on His hands. Then in the evening, Perumal wore sky blue and green silk vasthram and was decorated beautifully with several ornaments and flower garlands. After alangaram, He had purappadu on Simha vaahanam. Several astikas participated in the Brahmotsavam and had the blessings of Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal.

Some of the photos taken during the Brahmotsavam can be viewed below:

Day 1 (Morning- Dwajarohanam and Surya prabhai)

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal

Day 1 (Evening – Chandra prabhai)

Day 2 (Morning- Hamsa vaahanam)

Day 2 (Evening- Simha vaahanam)

Day 5 – Morning (Nachiyar Thirukolam)

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal  

Day 5 -Evening ( Garuda vaahanam)

Photo Courtesy : Sri Ajith Narasimma

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