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Kumbakonam Sri Sarangapani Temple Ashadha Dwadasi Serthi Sevai

On 24th July 2018 (Vilambi Aadi Kettai), the Ashadha Dwadasi Aaradhanam took place grandly at Sri Sarangapani Temple, Thirukkudanthai. Alike other days, yearly once, Sri Aravamudhan will have thirumanjanam removing his swarna kavacham. This event took place on Ashaadha dwadasi (24th July) for this year. After that thirumanjanam, Sri Perumal had sarvalankaram and serthi sevai took place for Perumal and Thayars including Sri Komalavalli Thayar. Lots of asthikas participated and received the blessings of divyathambathis.

Some of the photos taken during that occasion can be viewed below:

Photo Courtesy: Sri Sudarsan Raju

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