Mannargudi Sri Vidhyarajagopala Swamy Temple Thiruvadipooram Utsavam: Day 2-4

Sri Vidhya Rajagopalaswamy

As a part of ongoing Thiruvadipoora Utsavam, the 4th day of utsavam was celebrated on August 8, 2018 (Vilambi-Aadi-Mirugaseerisham) at Mannargudi Sri Vidhyarajagopala Swamy Temple. For that day’s event, Sri Sengamalathayar wore white and blue silk saree and had an eye pleasing alankaram with huge flowers garlands. Sri Rajagopalan, decorated with several ornaments like kaasu malai, pendants, maanga malai, crown ,chains and flower garlands, ascended the thanga Garuda vaahanam and had purappadu. He was accompanied by Thayar on velli Simha vaahanam.

The third day of utsavam took part on August 7, 2018 (Vilambi-Aadi-Rohini) with Sri Sengamalavalli Thayar purappadu on Velli shesha vahanam. On the second day of utsavam, Sri Sengamala thayar had nice alankaram followed by procession on palanquin in the morning. In the evening, Thayar adorned glittering jewels and big garlands of anemone, jasmine and thulasi and had purappadu on Hamsa vahanam.

Several astikas participated in the Utsavam and received the blessings of Sri Rajagopalan and Sri Sengamala Thayar.

Some of the photographs taken during that occasion can be viewed below:

Day 4

Sri Vidhya Rajagopalaswamy  

Day 3

Sri Vidhya Rajagopala Swamy  

Day 2


Photo Courtesy : Sri Vicky

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