Pondicherry Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Thiruvadipoora Utsavam: Day 1-4


As a part of ongoing Thiruvadipoora utsavam, the 4th day took part on 8th August 2018.  On that evening, Sri Andal had beautiful alankaram in a grey silk vasthram with golden maroon border. She was adorned multi colored garlands having multiple varieties of flowers. Purappadu and oonjal sevai were performed followed by alankaram.

During the previous three days of the utsavam, Sri Andal adorned beautiful vasthrams and had grand alankaram. Devotees enjoyed her eye pleasing beauty and Kodai blessed all the devotees during the purappadu on tholukkiniyan around the temple premises followed by Oonjal sevai. Many devotees and asthikas participated in those processions.

Some of the photos taken during that occasion can be viewed below:


Photo Courtesy: Sri Vijay APV

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