Dombvilli Sri Balaji Mandir SriVilambi Navarathri Utsavam: Day 3

Sri Kamalavalli Thayar

On 12th October 2018 (Srivilambi – Purattasi – Visakam); being the 3rd day of the Navathri Utsavam, Thayar as Sri Kamalavalli was decorated beautifully with several ornamnts like pendants, chains, an attractive crown and flower garlands. Thayar gave scintillating darshan to the astikas. Several astikas participated and had the blessings of Sri Kamalavalli Thayar.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion are as follows:

Sri Kamalavalli Thayar  

Photo Courtesy : Sri Kesavan Iyengar

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