Seva Vidyalaya Inaugurated At Villivakkam


On the auspicious day of Sri Hayagreeva Jayanthi on August 20th 2021, Seva Vidyalaya – A Srivaishnava sampradayic education forum was inaugurated at Sri Seva Swami’s thirumaligai. The aim of this vidyalaya is to impart the learning of Vedas, Stotras and other sampradayic learning through online and offline mode. Newly renovated rooms are dedicated for this purpose and the course starts from September 5th 2021.

Seva Trust was founded by Sri Seva Swami with the objective of spearheading Swami Desika’s philosophy. The Trust has carried out several activities and conducted many programmes for the youngsters in the past. Some of these include a spiritual camp at Kethandapatti Agraharam for 30 children and Divya Desa yatras to Ahobilam, Thirupullani and Thirukoshtiyur among others.

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