Ekadasi Purappadu at Mannargudi


On September,2021-Plava Varusha, Avani month, Krishna Paksha Ekadasi, Purappadu took place at Mannargudi.Sri Rajagopalaswamy and Thayar adorned beautifully in varieties of thiruabharanams and flower-alankaram graced the devotees during Purappadu on the day of Ekadasi.

In Mannargudi temple,Perumal is in the form of Sri Krishna.This temple is celebrated as “Dakshin Dwaraka”.

Mannargudi Rajagopalswamy with a flute in his hand during Purappadu
Temple Elephant enthusiasically participating,doing his part of service, during Purappadu.

SriVidya Thayar with hastham,adorned with various flower alankaram and jewels made of corals,with a decorated umbrella during Purappadu.

Photo courtesy:From Desika Darshini

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