Punarvasu/Ekadasi Thirumanjanam at Madurantakam


On 03 September,2021,Friday,Plava Varusha,Avani month,Ekadasi ,Punarvasu star.

Sukravaram- Thirumanjanam was performed, which coincided with Ekadasi and in addition to these special events ,that day was Punarvasu star( SriRamar thirunakshatram), which will be celebrated as a special utsavam every month. Alankaram was done so beautifully with pooalankaram and many thiruvabharanams , for the utsava moorthy in Sri Kothandaramar Temple at Madurantakam.

Madurantakam temple is located about 25 kms from chengalpet on GST road.It is believed that Sri Rama along with sitadevi ,holding her hands- in wedding posture,gave darshan to Vibhandaka muni,on this way back to Ayodhya, from Srilanka defeating Ravana.

Moolavar-Sri Kothandaramar holding hands of Sri Sitadevi in wedding posture;with Sri lakshmanar,Goddess Sri Janakavalli Thayar.
There are two utsava murthy-Sri Sitadevi,Sri lakshmanar Sametha,Sri kondandaramar; other utsavar murthy: Sri Neeladevi,Sri Bhoodevi samedha Sri karunakaperumal,who was worshipped by Sri Rama himself.On September,2021,thirumanjam was performed for all the utsavamurth(s).

Main deity ,kothanda Raman, stopped the over flow of lake water entering the villages nearby and saved from calamity .He saved the lake bunds from getting broken due to over flow of water and ,hence the name,Eri katha ramar.

Sri Kothandaramar with Sitadevi and Sri lakshmnar during Sukravara,Ekadasi-Punarvasu- Thirumanjanam
Sri Janakavalli ,Sri Neeladevi,Sri Bhoodevi Samedha Sri karunakara Perumal during Sukravara thirumanjanam
Chakravarthy Thirumagan,Sri Kothandaramar with Sitadevi and Sri Lakshmanar adorned beautifully with wonderful garlands after thirumanjanam.
Sri Janakavalli Thayar adorned so beautifully with jasmine garland along with other garlands and decorated beautifully with different varieties of jewels ,besides,Sri Neeladevi,Sri Bhoodevi Samedha Sri KarunakaraPerumal;after Sukravara Thirumanjanam.
Photo courtesy:Sri.Madhavachar.

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