4 th year Annual Brahmotsavam in Sri Sundaravaradharajan Temple at Eramalur village.

Temple Events

On 10 September 2021,Plava Varusha ,Avani -25,Friday;4th annual Brahmotsavam was celebrated in a very grand manner at Eramalur near Vandavasi.Thirumanjanam for all the deities,Alankaram,Homam was performed in a very grand manner aesthetically.Alankaram was done so artistically,adding beauty to Sri Sundaravaradharaja Perumal and Sundaravaradha lakshmi Thayar. Veda Prayanam and Prabhandha Parayanam was also present as a part of the celebration.Photos captured during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Purappadu took place inside the temple premises.This temple was constructed by Pallava king,who is a deep devotee of Lord Vishnu.Moolavar Sri sundaravaradhraja Perumal blesses the devotees with abhaya hastham and also he holds prayoga chakram in one of his hands to destroy the evils and to save the devotees.

Veda Parayanam during the utsavam

Photo Courtesy:Sri.Balaji.

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