Panchasamkaram -Avani Panchami,for Sri Ramanujar In Sri ErikathaRamar temple at Madurantakam


On 11 September2021,Plava Varusha Avani-26,Saturday;Sukla Paksha Panchami, was celebrated as the day of Panchasamkaram for Sri Ramanujar by Sri Periya Nambigal in Sri Kodhandaramar Temple at Madurantakam.THirumanjanam ,Alankaram and Aradhanam and performed in a grand manner.

So many thousands of years ago,Sri Ramanujar,who was in kanchipuram,under the aghnya of Sri Thirukachinambigal,went to Madurantakam Ramar temple to have darshan of Periyanambigal, to request him to perform Panchsamkaram.When he entered the temple premises,Sri Periyanambigal also entered at the same time,as he was ordered by Sri Ranganathaswamy from Srirangam to perform this ritual to Sri Ramanujar.It happened on Avani month, Sukla Paksha- Panchami.It was performed in the premises of the temple in a four pillared small mandapam,which is still maintained as a place of sanctity.Photos of Thirumanjanam and related pictures can be viewed as below:

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