Brahmotsavam in Sri Devanathaswamy Temple at Thiruvaheendrapuram:Day-5(Morning-Sri Nachiyar Thirukkolam in Golden Pallakku)

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16 September 2021,Plava Varusha, Avani -31,Thursday;

Day- 5: Brahmotsavam:-Morning:Sri Nachiyar Thirukkolam in Golden Pallakku.

Brahmotsavam commenced on 12 September 2021,Sunday in Sri Devanathaswamy Temple at Thiruvaheendrapuram,near Cuddalore. Chitirai Brahmotsavam was postponed as per government rules due to pandemic situation and is celebrated currently.

Morning, during Purappadu; Sri Devanathaperumal was in Sri NachiyarThirukkolam in Golden Pallakku.Sri Devanathaperumal in the disguise of Sri Nachiyar,blesses the devotees, along with playing veena in her hand.

Sri Nachiyar Thirukkolam close view
Perumal in Nachiyar Thirukkolam in Palakku
Goshti Sattrumurai during Purappadu
Deepa Harathi
Nachiyar Thirukkolam of Swamy in Palakku

Photo courtesy:A Devotee

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