Purattasi Pournami Garuda Sevai in Tirumala

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20 September 2021,Plava Varusha Purattasi-4;Monday

On the day of Pournami(Fullmoon day),everymonth,Purappadu will take place in Tirumala Tirupathi .Special Purappadu takes place on every Pournami ,devotees can have darshan of Garudasevai .

In this Purattasi month also,Garudasevai took place in a very grand manner with two big Thirukkodai,Sri Thiruvenkatamudaiyan blesses all the devotees during His majestic purappadu.Srinivasa perumal on Garuda Vahanam was adorned beautifully with variety of garlands and flowers.Garudazhwar with his smiling face,holding the lotus feet of Srinivasa Perumal looks so gigantic and graceful.Veda Prabhanda Goshti lead by Jeer Swamy was blissful.Photos of the Garuda sevai can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy:Mr.Vijay Apv

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