Swami Desikan’s AdhikaraSangraham: Sloka-17,18


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17 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi-02, Friday;


MEANING: Bhakthi and Prapatthi have four requirements:

(1) Desire to gain Moksham

(2) Understanding of the true meanings of Saasthrams

(3) Putting into practice the instructions of the SaasthrAs and

(4) Fitness based on Jaathi and guNams prescribed by the SaasthrAs to practice one of the two UpAyams.

 All of the above four requirements are a must for any one wishing to practise Bhakthi yOgam. Many will become unqualified to practice Bhakthi yOgam due to deficiency in one or other of the four requirements. All can however practice Prapatthi yOgam, which does not have all these rigors.


For the one, who wishes to practice Prapatthi yOgam for Moksham, there are three “must” requirements:

Inability to practice Bhakthi yOgam as upAyam for Moksham /aakinchanyam; the origin of aakinchanyam arises from the lack of knowledge about Bhakthi yOgam and the impatience to wait for Moksham and Not seeking any other fruits other than ParipoorNa BrahmAnubhavam and not seeking any other God except SrIman NaarAyaNan as the Supreme God. The combination of (2) and (3) is known as ananya gathithvam.


 Swamy Desikan covers in the 17th SlOkam of AdhikAra Sangraham, the qualifications of one (adhikAri) fit to perform Prapatthi yOgam. SarvEswaran is eternally present. He stands as the origin and cause of this universe. His grace (aruL) towards us will not diminish even if we commit serious aparAdhams. He accepts as an excuse (vyAjam) any accidental, small auspicious acts done by us and rushes to give his hand as help to us. At the sacred feet of this most merciful Lord, any and every body can perform Prapatthi. There are no restrictions based on Jaathi or gender as in Bhakthi yOgam. All are adhikAris, who want to gain freedom from the scorching heat of samsAram. The only qualifications for them to practise this redeeming Prapatthi are: (1) Seeking no other UpAyams (2) seeking no other fruits and (3) seeking no other Gods (aakinchanyam and ananya gathithvam). In the Sri Rahasya Thraya slOkam condensing these thoughts, Swamy Desikan states: “nija adhikriyA: Santha: Sreesam Svatantra-prapadhana vidhinA mukthayE nirvisankhA: samsrayanthE”.




MEANING: The UpAyams like Bhakthi Yogam make us doubt whether it would be possible at all for us to practice them because of their rigors. For us, who recognize that we are incapable of practicing such an upAyam for gaining Moksham and still long for enjoying Moksha sukham, AchAryAs blessed us with the UpAyam of Prapatthi with its five angams. In initiating us into Prapatthi yOgam, our AchAryAs had a serious objective for us to recognize the soulabhyam of our Lord and not to go away from Him due to our fear of unfitness to approach Him because of His matchless Vaibhavam. Our AchAryAs removed our temerity and fear to approach Him by instructing us on the ways of performing Prapatthi at the sacred feet of our Lord, SrIman NaarAyaNan to gain Moksham. Had they not done so,we would have ended up begging our equals like Brahma, Indran and Rudran to banish our samsAric sufferings and being disappointed by approaching these powerless adhikAris. Our AchAryAs saved us from such futile attempts through their instructions on the ways to perform Prapatthi. The key passage of this 57th Paasuram is: “ThuRavit-tuniyil thuNaiyAm Paranai varikkum vahai anbar aRivitthanar”. Our loving and merciful AchAryAs taught us (who were suffering from samsAric sorrows) the way to perform Prapatthi at the holy feet of the Lord waiting always for us as our protector.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: “Paranai varikkum vahai” revealed to us by our SadAchAryAs is to perform Prapatthi with its five angams (Aanukoolya Sankalpam, PrAthikoolya Varjanam, Mahaa VisvAsam, KaarpaNyam and gOpthruva VaraNam). Our AchAryas instructed us that the UpAyam of Prapatthi must not leave out any one of the five angams of Prapatthi; otherwise, the performed Prapatthi will not be successful. Of all the five angams, Mahaa VisvAsam in the Lord is the most important angam. It is not easy to gain MahA VisvAsam without AchArya KatAksham and UpakAram. For Prapatthi done solely for Moksham, Saathvika ThyAgam is considered as another angam of Prapatthi. Our Lord has Parathvam (Supremacy) as well as Soulabhyam (ease of access by one and all). Those who get overwhelmed by His Parathvam and are afraid to approach Him belong to the adhama (lower) category among men; those who comprehend His Soulabhyam and approach Him are Parama AasthikAs. This is the view of Swamy AppuLLAr, the AchAryan of Swamy Desikan.


Courtesy: Oppiliappan koil Sri V. Sadagopachariar

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