Rapathu Utsavam At Sri Sarangapani Temple:(Gandarvar kudai)


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28 December 2021, Plava varusha, Margazhi -13, Tuesday ;

Margazhi Adhyayana Rapathu Utsavam commenced on 26 December 2021, in Sri Aravamudhan Sannidhi, at Kumbakonam.

On 27 December 2021, (day-2 utsavam) Perumal purappadu took place in a very grand manner. Perumal was adorned so beautifully with thiruvabharanams like Ear kavacham, haram, hair accessories, necklace, golden kanganam in hands. Sathupadi with four hands, holding shankam, chakram, gadhai, abhayahastham, looked so beautiful. The Floral garlands included Vrikshi, thulasi, sampanki, samandhi added beauty to the sathupadi. Plain Rose maalai and plain samandhi maalai were complementary to each other, which enhanced the sathupadi.

Azhwar, acharyal mariyadhai and pasuram were recited during the adhyayanana utsavam. During Purappadu on second day of Adhyayana utsavam, Thirukudai kainkaryam was performed by Gandarvar- in idol form which looked enthralling. Perumal wore a shawl during purappadu, as a part of Rapathu sathupadi practise. No words can match the beauty and greatness of Amudhan.

We feel bored only with worldly- materialistic enjoyment, but when we start travelling towards Bhagawad activities, we find that we can enjoy Him continuously without feeling bored. The more we enjoy the nectar (Bhagwan), the more we would like to continue enjoying this nectar, as our desire for this nectar becomes insatiable;

Perumal is called as “Apariapthamrutham” in Sanskrit and as Aramudhan in Tamil. Apariaphtamrutham and Aramudhan mean “the pure nectar which can never produce satiety”. By using the rules of sannidhi, the name Aramudhan is split into Ara + Amudham.       “Ara” means insatiable – which is never boring. “Amudham” means nectar. Thus Azhwar starts this pasuram by calling Sarangapani Perumal of Thirukuddandai as “Ara Amude” and then says that,

ArAvamudhE adiyEn udalam ninpAl anbAyE
nIrAy alaindhu karaiya urukkuginRa nedumAlE!
sIrAr senneRkavari vIsum sezhunIrth thirukkudandhai
ErAr kOlam thigazhak kidandhAy kaNdEn emmAnE

Meaning: “Oh! Prominent among all! I see you in reclining posture in thirukudandhai, surrounded by fertile water bodies and fanned by the golden paddy. When I see You, my body melts in love .You make me weep and toss like restless water. I flow like molten gold melted by a goldsmith. The reason is because of your strong emotions and grace on me.”

Devotees had a blissful darshan of Amudhan with Gandharvar kudai during Purappadu.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

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