Brahmotsavam For Sri Harasaapa Vimochana Perumal At Thirukandiyur Divya Desam

Jaya Varusha Brahmotsavam  for Sri Harasapa Vimochana Perumal at Thirukandiyur Divya Desam is scheduled to take place between March 26th 2015 and April 12th 2015. All Astikaas More...

54th Sri Rama Navami Cultural Festival Patrikai

54th Sri Rama Navami Cultural Festival is taking place at Keyes High School, Secunderabad. The Sri Rama Navami Utsavam Commenced on 21st april in grand manner with Bhakthi Isai More...

Pune Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Balaji Mandir Sri Rama Navami Utsava Patrikai

Pune Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Balaji Mandir Temple Committee has planned to conduct Sri Rama Navami Utsavam in grand manner.TheRama Navami Utsavam commences on 19th March 2015 More...

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Jaya Varusha Adhi Brahmotsavam : Day 1

Yesterday, 26 March 2015; Jaya varusha Panguni Rohini, is Day -1 of Panguni -Ther Tirunal or Adhi Brahmotsavam.BrahmaOtsavam is so called because it is performed by Brahma. Brahma More...

Mannargudi Rajagopalaswami Temple Jaya Varusha Panguni Brahmotsavam : Day 15

On, March 24th 2015,  Jaya Varusha Panguni Bharani,  Is the day-15 of  Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple Panguni Brahmotsavam celebrated  in grand manner at Mannargudi.  In the More...

Short and Sweet

Article by Sri Sadagopan Iyengar Swami, Coimbatore “Kalou sankeertaya KEsavam” says a sloka, pointing out that More...

Nityasamsaaris – Those Who Don’t Get Moksha

நித்யஸம்ஸாரிகள்—–மோக்ஷத்தைப்பெறாதவர்கள் ஆக்ஷேபமும் More...

Chenchi Koothapakkam Desikachariar Sampradaya Talks And Vedic Chants – Part 3

Day-5 Koothapaakam swami- Ashwamedha achidra parayanam On ekadashis especially sukla paksha ekadashis ,it is a tradition...

Chenchi Koothapakkam Desikachariar Sampradaya Talks And Vedic Chants – Part 2

Day-3 When we go to meet swami the third time we ask him about the photos...

Chenchi Koothapakkam Desikachariar Sampradaya Talks And Vedic Chants – Part 1

Chenchi Tirumalai Nallan Chakravarthi Koothapakam Desikachariar swami Day 1 A fortnight back Sri V.S.Sundararajan and adiyen...

Tirupathi and Ahobilam: Part 1

        This article is a wonderful presentation of two divya desams Thirumala and Ahobilam More...

Pomona Sri Ranganatha Temple

Sri RanganAtha Temple was started at the direct command of the great Mahatma, HH the 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt,..

Sthala Puranam: Nirvalur Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple

Sri Lakshmi Narayana temple is a significant temple located in the core of Nirvalur. The small village of Sri Lakshmi Narayana..

Periyamarai Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

At the outset, we would like to thank Anudinam website for having carried a brief article on Periyamarai some More...

Mannarpolur Azhagu Mallari Krishnaswami Temple – place where Jambhavan had the famous fight with Lord Krishna

Mannarpolur is a small village on the banks of ‘Kalindi’ river near Sullurpeta in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. There is..

Sri Yoga Ramar Temple, Nedungundram

Nedungundram is about 55 kms from Tiruvannamalai and about 24 kms from Arani. The Yoga Ramar temple is located between Vandavasi..

The Tamil Month of Panguni

The Tamil month of Panguni The Tamil month of Panguni falls between March-14th and April14th of the English calendar. It is..

Kothamalli Thogayal

Kothamalli thogayal Thoghayals can be classified under  chutney varieties , the difference being that they are not as liquidy and are..

Asoucha Sangraham Book Release By TCN Trust At Chennai Mylapore

The book titled Asoucha Sangraham by  Sri U.Ve. Aisyur Srinivasachariyar  will be released  on 1 March 2015 at  Sri Vedanta Desikar Devasathanam (SVDD)Temple..

Inauguration of Sri Vedanta Desikan Sampradaya Samrakshana Trust At Srirangam

On, 15th March  2015, Jaya Varusha Panguni Pooradam, Sri Vedantha Desikan Sampradaya Samrakshana Trust  was formerly inaugurated  at Srimad Andavan Ashramam..

Koodarai Vellum Utsavam at SV Temple Fairfax

On the day of “Kudarai Vellum” Utsavam Lord Srinivasa enjoyed the goshti in large numbers! Delightful Deepotasvam was conducted! Andal Nachiyars..

Guru Parampara Series – Periya Nambhi (Mahapoorna)

Periya Nambhi took avatharam at Srirangam in the Tamil year Hevilambhi (998AD) in the month of Margazhi under the constellation Jyesta..

Avarampoo Health Drink

ஆவாரம்பூ என்பது இயற்கையால் இயற்கையாக முடித்து வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள தங்க பஷ்பம். சர்க்கரை நோயாளிகளுக்கு வரக்கூடிய பாத எரிச்சல், மதமதப்பு, மூட்டுவலி, அதிக தாகம், நரம்பு தளர்ச்சி, சிறுநீரக கோளாறு,..

Deepavali Slokas – Lighting The Lamp Of Knowledge

Deepavali is a festival of lights, not only literally but also for all the Jeevatmas who are encompassed by the darkness..


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