Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha Swamy Kainkarya Sabha Annual Utsavam And Srimath Azhagiyasingar Vijaya Yatra To Navi Mumbai

Navi mumbai Sri Ahobila Mutt & Sri Lakshmi Nrishmha Swami Kainkarya Sabha has planned to conduct Swami Desikan and Srimath Athivan Sathakopa Yatindra Mahadesikan Vaarshika More...

Tirupathi Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple Sri Vedanta Desikan Avatara Utsava Patrikai

The 746th Thirunakshathra Mahothsavam of Swami Desikan is scheduled to be celebrated from October 22 to 31, 2014 at Tirupati in a grand manner. On the Sathumorai day – More...

Thiruvallur Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple Pavithrotsava Patrikai

Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple Pavithrotsavam is planned  to celebrate in grand manner at Satyamurthy Street, Thiruvallur. The pavithrotsavam will take place for 3 days More...

Saidapet Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Narasimha Perumal Temple Deepavali Purappadu

Yestereday, 22 October  2014; Jaya Varusha Aippasi Hastham; Deepavali Purappadu took place in grand manner at Sri Alamelumanga Sametha Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Narasimha Perumal More...

Srirangam Dasavathara Sannadhi Deepavali Utsavam

Yesterday, Jaya, Aippasi Hastham( 22.10.2014) all of us had Ganga snanam not by going to the Ganges but by Ganga entering and purifying all waters in Brahmamuhurtham ( 4.00 A.M. is More...

Why Is Ranganatha Called “Periya Perumal” ?

While on a visit to Srirangam and after a delightful darshan of Sri Rangaraja, my son asked me a question–“Why is More...

A Riot of Colour

Article by Sri Sadagopan Iyengar Swami, Coimbatore The world would indeed be a dull place, if everything were to More...

Krishna’s Raasa Leela- 1

Krishna, Rama avathArams are the most enjoyable and divine and they always enchant us with the...

Thuppul Pillai: 26 – Swamy Attains AchAryan ThiruvaDi

  SrI: SrImathE Nigamantha Mahadesikaya namah: SrImAn venkatanAthAryaH kavitArkika kesarI | vedAntAcArya-varyo me sannidhattAm sadA hRdi...

Thuppul Pillai: 25 – Swamy Performed Few Miracles Even

SrI: SrImathE Nigamantha Mahadesikaya namah: SrImAn venkatanAthAryaH kavitArkika kesarI | vedAntAcArya-varyo me sannidhattAm sadA hRdi ||...

Tirupathi and Ahobilam: Part 1

        This article is a wonderful presentation of two divya desams Thirumala and Ahobilam More...

Pomona Sri Ranganatha Temple

Sri RanganAtha Temple was started at the direct command of the great Mahatma, HH the 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt,..

Sthala Puranam: Nirvalur Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple

Sri Lakshmi Narayana temple is a significant temple located in the core of Nirvalur. The small village of Sri Lakshmi Narayana..

Sri Yoga Ramar Temple, Nedungundram

Nedungundram is about 55 kms from Tiruvannamalai and about 24 kms from Arani. The Yoga Ramar temple is located More...

A Journey to Ramar Padam Near Kodiyakarai

A journey to Kodiyakarai from Nagapattinam, Its around 55 Km from Nagapattinam to reach Ramar Padam. This is the location where..

Sri RajaGopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi

Housed on a huge 33acre area, the RajaGopalan temple at Mannargudi (till a few centuries ago, this was called MannarKoil), is..

The Tamil Month Of Aippasi

The Tamil month of Aippasi falls between 18.10.2014 and 16.11.2014. Known as Thula masam the first day is known as Aippasi..


Omapodi: Ingredients: Gram flour(Kadalai mavu) -  1-1/2 cups Rice flour – 1cup Salt – 1tsp Omam(ajwain) – 1tsp Asafoetida – 1tsp..

Swami Desikan’s Kaavya and Naataka Granthams ebook by Dr. Sri V.Sadagopan

Below are the details of E-books in English published by ‘Sri Nrusimha Seva Rasikan’ Sri Oppiliappan Koil Dr. V.Sadagopan on Swami..

Sri Desika Sabha Of Secunderabad and Hyderabad Celebrates Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram

Sri Desikar Jayanthi Celebrations were organized by Sri Desika Sabha of Secunderabad and Hyderabad from 4th October 2014,,  the festival ended..

Pomona Sri Ranganatha Perumal Temple Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam

On, 4 October 2014, Jaya varusha Purattasi Sravanam, Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam took place in magnificient manner at Sri Ranganatha Perumal..

Guru Parampara Series – Alavandhar

In the Tamil year Dhathu, in the month of Aadi under the constellation Uthiradam  the avatharam of Alavandar happened on the..

Sada Maanji

Sada Maanji  is commonly known as Spikenard is a type of a flowering plant grows in Himalayan Ranges in countries of..

Deepavali Slokas – Lighting The Lamp Of Knowledge

Deepavali is a festival of lights, not only literally but also for all the Jeevatmas who are encompassed by the darkness..


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