Deepavali Slokas – Lighting The Lamp Of Knowledge

Deepavali is a festival of lights, not only literally but also for all the Jeevatmas who are encompassed by the darkness of this samsara. It is important that the light in the form of our Azhwars and Poorvacharyas’ works should help us in gaining the essential knowledge about TattvaHithaPurushArtham. For significance of Deepavali, please visit Significance of Deepavali

Let us recite the following Pasurams and Stotras by Swami Desikan which will bring the light of Gyanam, Bhakti and Vairagyam in our lives….

Desika Deepavali_1 Desika Deepavali_2Desika Deepavali_3

Thoopul_Swami Desikan_75 SWAMI DESIKAN THOOPUL 2013-DAY 5-09

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