Sri Goda Stuthi – 2



Oh Godhaa PirAtti! There is no limit /boundary to Your glories. Even the illustrious VedAs start eulogizing You and then give up, when they recognize the impossibility of their task. If that is so for the mighty VedAs, can people of meager intellect like adiyEn cover adequately your countless glories through sthuthis? AdiyEn is aware of these limitations of mine and hence am keeping quiet. Your KalyANa guNams however will not let me be silent. Those auspicious attributes of yours have the power to end the silence of anyone, who is reticent about eulogizing You. Those GuNAs of Yours have now pulled me forward and are empowering adiyEn to engage rapidly in the composition of Your sthuthi. Thus propelled, adiyEn has commenced my eulogy.


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