Sri Gopala Vimsati – 11


VeNugopAlan plays on his flute and creates delightful music and casts his most merciful glances on the Gopis. They are totally captivated by his friendly smile and the divine music originating from His flute. At this time, His cool and welcoming eyes resemble a pair of justblossomed lotuses in the river of His mercy (Dayaa). May this enchanting youth Gopala protect me always!


In this slOkam, Swamy Desikan begs the Lord take him to His side even if He could not come to him. Even if that were not possible, Swamy Desikan pleads for the rain of His KaruNaa Kadaaksham to drench him. KrishNan is delighting the minds, ears and eyes of Gopis with His VeNu gAnam and Raasa Kreedai on the banks of the Yamuna river. Swamy Desikan appeals to the busy Lord this way: You might not be able to leave the banks of Yamunai and come to my side. In that case, please bring me to your side through the enchanting power of Your VeNu GhAnam. Please bless me with your karuNA KadAksham. That would be my protection. Bring me close to you like you get the wandering calves and cows to your side with the sound of Your VeNu. Sthree bhAvEna vipralambha srungAram anubhavathy.

Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan sums up the message of the 11th slOkam this way: “Gopala’s flute plays a role in tandem with the lovely glance, smile and mental wish. Indeed the flutemusic might be audible only to the Gopis or even to the Particular Gopi (KaaRRinilE varum gheetham). Such a lovely music might even be meant for the cows, to which they would respond appropriately. Both (the music of the flute and His eye glances) are love-inciting. Both cause an instant captivation to the Gopis. The glances are faultless, the smiles are also faultless, both are cool but not chilly. The eyes are like lotus in the stream of Gopala’s daya. May He safeguard me with those glances! May He call me, by name, with His flute!”.

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