Saligrama Mahimai – 09 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 09)

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Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.

Salagrama does not require “Prana Pradhistai” as it is done for idol worship. THE LORD, Sriman Narayanan, has willingly manifested in Salagrama.  only those, who have done good deeds in earlier births, Bakti and only by the LORDS blessings will get this saligrama.

If Salagrama is worshipped in someone’s home, the entire house and surroundings will be experiencing good happenings. They will come out of hurdles and shine better. Even Yama’s aides won’t near them.

Mathsya Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, Padhma Purana and Brahan Naradheeyam speak a lot about Salagrama.

People who are poor to perform Salagrama Pooja and Women folks can offer Milk and Prasada (Plain Cooked Rice) and perform simple Aarathi daily. They can perform a full fledged pooja, commencing with Milk Thirumanjanm, whenever some scholarly people visits their home.

Salagrama Forms (Lakshana):

Black or Royal Blue (Indra Neel) colored. Circular in Shape. Will have Protruding Back. Delicate and will have 3 linings. (Agni Purana)

Salagrama which is having more elongated back and Avartha linings along with the above characteristics will bring more prosperity. (Agni Purana)

Circular in Shape. Will be having one or more of the inscriptions like Garland, Lotus or Chakra. Will be seen in Golden color with dots on it similar to Purasai Flower. This is a rare form of Salagrama. (Sreethatvanidhi)

Kurma Varaha Moorthi:
This form of Salagrama will have two dotted Chakra inscription or Sanga (Conch) inscription. All the five arms / weapons of LORD will be visible more on these Salagramas. This will get all the desires fulfilled. This Salagrama is not so easily available to anyone.

“Salagramashila Yathradevo Dwaravathi Bhava: 
Ubhayo: Sangamey Yathra Yathra Mukthi: Na SamSaya:” 
Meaning of the above Sloga: “Where ever Salagrama is present, in those places, Lord Vishnu and Dwaravathi are present. Those who worship these couplets will attain Mukthi – No suspicions” (Garuda Purana)

Dwara means Main Gate / House Main door entry. Mahalakshmi resides in this gate. She is called as Dwaravathi. Please do put incense to Dwaravathi daily or else atleast on Fridays. It is sure that Mahalakshmi will stay in the home and Lakshmi Kadashakam will be present. Evil Eyes wont harm the home. Similarly Mahalaksmi is also residing in Salagrama’s hole (Entry).

Salagrama Forms (Lakshana):

Mathsyam will be elongated lotus shaped and will have linings in the mouth side. (Garuda Purana)

Mathsyam will be elongated with three dots on the top. Chakra and Hole will not be present. (Agni Purana)

Mathsyam will be long shaped, Colored like Kasi Beads, will be formed with 3 sections. (Agni Purana)

Fish Shaped, Chakra inscriptions inside, Bindhu similar to SreeVatsakaram and will have Malai(Garland Shape). This Salagrama will bring all pleasures (SreeThatvam)

Fish Shaped, Polished surface, Dotted, may have 2 protruding teeth like structure (SreeThatvam).

A Salagrama which have any one of the above forms is to be considered as Mathsya Salagrama.

…to be continued
Courtesy–Saranya Vs
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