Saligrama Mahimai – 16 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 16)

 Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications
The LORD is present in everyone’s heart and soul. This state is called as “Jeeva Antharkatha Bimbam”. This form is called “Naija Vibhudhi”.

The LORD is present in the Statues and idols sculptured by artists and made divine by worships and poojas, also in Cow’s Body, Thulasi Plant, Divine Trees. This form is called “Ahidha Vibhudhi”.

The LORD is present in Salagrama and also in the deeds which involves divine Agni. This form is called “Sahaja Vibhudhi”.

Among the three Vibhudhi’s , the form of Salagrama shows LORD’s modesty and divinity and Simplicity. For Salagrama, there is no need to incarnate or provide Salagrama attain divinity by rituals involving pundits and Scholars. It is equivalent to a Divya Desam where LORD has incarnated himself as ‘Swayampu’. Each Salagrama is as equal to a Temple Sanctum Sanctorum. That’s why, it is advised to women, to avoid touching Salagrama even in home. They will gain numerous benefits for assisting for pooja and worshiping Salagrama.

A ‘Uthrani’(Single drop from a Tea Spoon) Salagrama Theertha is enough to get rid of all our sins. It is because that the LORD himself has manifested in our front when we take the Theertha.

LORD BRAHMA says to Sage Narada, “Whom so ever, sincerely listens or reads the Salagrama Mahimai, their sins will disappear like a due drop exposed to SUN. They will be blessed in their current birth and also in the Abode too”.

Seems, the LORD has told about you who had read the chapters and given me such an Opportunity to provide the Salagrama Mahimai.

courtesy — Saranya VS

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