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Srivilliputtur Sri Andal Thiruvadipooram Brahmotsavam – Day 3 Evening

Srivilliputhur ANdal Utsavam 2014 day 3On, July 24, 2014; Jaya Varusha Aadi Mrugasheerusham, is the day 3 of  Thiruvadipooram Utsavam at Srivilliputur, the avathara sthalam of Sri Andal.  As usual in the morning Sri Andal and Sri Rangamannar had purappadu to  vidayatru mandapams  of Singammal kuradu , Periya Perumal Keezha Maada Veedhi & Therku Ratha Veedhi. In the evening at 10.oo p.m Sri Andal seated on Thanga Parangi Narkalai (Golden Chair) and Sri Rangamannar in Hanumantha vahanam thiruveedhi purappadu took place in the Maada Veedhis of Srivilliputhur. There were many srivaishnavas  taking part  in Arulicheyal and Veda Parayana  goshti. Lot of Astikas took part in the  Purappadu and had the blessings of Sri Andal and Perumal .

For detailed schedule and pathrigai, please visit Srivilliputtur Jaya Varusha Thiruvadipooram Utsavam and Srivilliputhur Sri Nachiyar Temple Jaya Varusha Sri Andal Thiruvadipoora Peruvizha Patrikai

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These are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(1) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(2) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(3) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(4) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(5) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(6) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(8) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(9) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(10) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(11) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(12) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(13) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(14) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(15) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(16) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(17) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(18) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(19) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(20) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(21) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(22) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(23) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(24) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(27) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(28) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(30) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(31) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(34) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(35) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(36) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(37) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(38) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(39) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(40) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(42) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(44) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(45) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(48) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(49) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(50) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(51) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(52) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(53) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(54) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(55) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(56) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(57) srivilliputhur_aandal_aadi utsavam_(58)

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