Published On: 22 December 2011 3:32 am

Donating cows – ‘Ko-Dhanam’ and its importance

Donating and protecting the cows has a greater significance according to our scriptures. Here is an article which explains it with a short story and the importance of KoDhanam

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  1. I am delighted to see the entire aspect about Ko dhanam.
    May I request you, where it is performed
    When it is performed
    What is the procedure

  2. R Mallika says:

    Where can i know the details of ko dhanam and where should i give it for child less couple.

  3. kavitha says:

    hi sir,

    where..i can do this ko dhanam..

  4. sundaram v says:

    Sir we r not having child for the past 10 yrs and as pet astrologer request we want to give ko-dhanam pls let me know where to give in chennai and whats de cost no

  5. sundar says:

    Please clear me whether there’s anything wrong in getting KO dhanam from somebody.. if so what has to be done..

  6. ss says:

    for ko danam contact pasu madam chennai mobile : +91 97 91 111979

    • Parthiban says:

      Respected Sir/Madam,

      Greetings from me.
      i am parthi from Dindigul, i completed post graduate and i like to do “gosala”. If you like to donate cow meants i will be ready madam. it will help me to growth and society care.


  7. I like to give cow thanam at Madurai. Which place I can select? Is it necessary that I have to donate to temple or ashram. If there is no facility for proper maintenance what can I do?

  8. R DEVIKARANI says:

    I like to do godhanam in Meenakshi Temple

  9. RAMHARIDASS says:


  10. Narayan says:

    I can connect with goshalasin chennai where they are looked after till their last breath. U can personally go, verify n then decide.i am available at 9176611689

  11. R.UTHAMAN says:

    i realy happy to know hindu sasthra

  12. R.Krishnan says:

    you may do Go Kanikai also to Temples in Villages.
    Now maintance of cow is very costly. What i plan to do is
    Buy a good cow which can give at least 10 liters of milk.
    Offer the cow as Kanikai to the Temple with an arrangement
    of the cow being maintained by a farmer who is in the habit of
    maintaining the cow and he may be asked to give 1 or 2 liters of milk to the temple at free of cost. The remaining 8 liters the farmer can sell and feed the cow. If possible give the same former a second cow after 7 or 8 months, so that when the first cow become dry, the second cow will support the temple with the
    milk. By doing like this, the temple will also get good milk and
    the cow will be well maintained. Go samparshem is a holy deed.
    If you are not able to donate a cow at least feed the cows which are maintained in the temple.

  13. Jayalakshmi says:

    we are running goshala In vayalur, Tiruchy and we have only native cow breeds and we accept cow dhanam (native Breeds). We assure we keep the cows at his last breeth.

    Dhadheechi Goshala

  14. Jeyamoorthy says:

    Hi, I would like to inform you that, i want to do Ko-Dhaanam please can you in form me how can do all details please. thank you

  15. Bharathwaj Iyengar says:

    Dear Divine Soul, Namaskaram Mr.Jeyamoorthy. Anudinam is also running a Goshala in Nagapattinam. For further Queries, You can contact Mr. Bharathwaj (9965675192. Thanks

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Donating cows – ‘Ko-Dhanam’ and its importance