Published On: 28 February 2016 3:47 pm

Thirucchenkundroor – Sthala Puranam

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This divya desam is situated 6 miles East to Thiruvaaranvillai, 4 miles west to Thirupuliyoor, 5 miles North west to Thiruvanvandoor and 10 miles North to Thiruvalvaazh. The Moolavar of this sthalam is Imayavarappan. He is found in Nindra Thirukolam facing his Thirumugam towards west direction. The Thayar found in this sthalam is Sengamala Valli Thayar. Here is an article about Thirucchenkundroor Divyadesam written by Sri Vedantadesikathathacharya Swami..

Thirucchenkundroor_00 Thirucchenkundroor_01 Thirucchenkundroor_04 Thirucchenkundroor_02

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Thirucchenkundroor – Sthala Puranam