Tirupathi Sri Govindarajaswamy Temple – Ankurarpanam



The celestial seed sowing festival Ankurarpanam was performed in the famous temple of Lord Sri Govinda Raja Swamy in Tirupati on May 13th 2016.

The religious event took place in the evening at around 6:30pm. Before the celestial seed sowing ceremony, Senadhipathi Utsavam was performed. Later the Ankurarpana mahotsavam took place in Yaga Shala amidst the chanting of vedic mantras by temple priests.

Meanwhile the annual brahmotsavams will commence in the temple in a big way with Dhwajarohanam at 5am in the Mesha Lagnam on Saturday. Before that the deities will be taken on a ceremonious procession around the four mada streets in Golden Tiruchi between 3:30am to 5am. In the evening the Lord will take celestial ride on Pedda Sesha Vahanam.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Tirupathi-Sri-Govindarajaswamy5 Tirupathi-Sri-Govindarajaswamy Tirupathi-Sri-Govindarajaswamy2 Tirupathi-Sri-Govindarajaswamy3 Tirupathi-Sri-Govindarajaswamy4

Courtesy: Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam

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