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Thiruvellakkulam Sri Annan Perumal Kovil Mandalabisheka Mahotsava Patrikai


According to the Aagama sastras that guide temple rituals “Mandala Abhishekam” must be performed for over a month (normally 48 days) after the completion of the Mahaa-Samprokshanam or Maha Kumbhabhishekam.  The Mandala pooja enhances the divine presence in the consecrated (recharged) archana and moola (main) vigrahaas. Kumbhabhishekam ceremony has everlasting effect on the society as a whole, besides on devotees. Aagama sastras  mention, “Sarvaroga nivrityartham, sarva yaaga phalapradam Sarva sampathkaram nreenam putrapoutrabhi vardhanam, It is conducted with the sole purpose of  eradicating all illness, obtaining good benefits from various yagaas, deriving rich benefits for the well being and for the healthy propagation of the progeny.

One day Mandalabhisheka expenses  Rs.3,000/-

We request you to kindly donate  and get blessings of sri.Annan Perumal Please sent  your donation in the name of  SRI.ANNANPERUMAL UPAYAVEDA PARAYANA KAINKARYA SABHA ,

SB A/C NO.0944686755,


IFSC: IDIB000M222.

Any clarification on this please contact Anna Srinivasachariyar 04364-26656

The following is the detailed Utsava patrikai:

Thiruvellakkulam-Sri-Annan-Perumal Thiruvellakkulam-Sri-Annan-Perumal1

Courtesy: Sri Purushothaman

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  1. Mandalabhishega expenses are as under(break):

    1.Garlands for perumal,thayar Rs.500/-
    2.Expenses to thirumanjanam Rs.1,000/-
    3.Thaligai Rs.1,000/-
    4.Archakar & paricharakar sambavana Rs.500/-

    The asthigas may contribute liberally to this big utsavam. Donations may sent to the above bank account.

    adiyen dasan

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Thiruvellakkulam Sri Annan Perumal Kovil Mandalabisheka Mahotsava Patrikai