Thiruvallur Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Temple Durmukhi Varusha Navarathri Utsavam : Day 4 & 5


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As part of the  Navarathri Utsavam, Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra utsavam and Swami Sri Adhivan Satakopan Thirunakshatra utsavam at  Sri Vaidya Veeraraghava Perumal Temple, Thiruvallur. Day 4 & 5 of Navathri  was conducted on 5th & 6th  October  2016, .On this occasion , in the morning Serthi thirumanjanam took place for Sri Kanakavalli Thayar and Sri Veeraraghava Perumal &  asthanam at mandapam followed by sevakalam.   In the evening Ul purappadu took place for Perumal ,Thayar along with Swami Desikan and Sri Adhivan Satakopan. Lot of  Astikas took part in the Day 4 & 5 of  Navarathiri Utsavam  and had the blessings of Acharya and Divyadampatis.

For Previous day Utsavam :

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion….

Day 4 of Navarathri Utsavam

thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016003 thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016004 thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016005thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016008thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016001thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016006 thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016007 thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016002thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016009 thiruvellur-navarathri-utsavam-day-4-2016010

Day 5 of Navarathri Utsavam

thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016001 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016002 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016003 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016004 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016005 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016006 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016007 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016008 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016009 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016010 thiruvallur-navarathri-utsavam-day-5-2016011

Photography : Sri Gopi & Sri Senthil

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