Published On: 30 November 2016 12:33 pm

Sri Sudarsana Maha Yagam At Thiruvallur Ahobila Mutt


On, 18th November 2016,Durmukhi Karthikai Thiruvadhirai; Sri Sudarsana Maha Yagam was conducted in a grand manner at Thiruvallur Ahobila Mutt. On the occasion of  Swami Ramanujar’s 1000th year. Being Thiruvadhirai,Sri Sudarsana Yagam was conducted. Many devotees took part in the yagam and had blessings of Perumal.

Here are some of the photo taken during this occasion:

thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_01 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_07 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_02 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_08 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_05 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_04 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_11 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_09 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_06 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_03 thiruvallur_ahobila_mutt_sudarsana_mahayagam_12


Courtesy: Sri Vadakapattu Sriram

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Sri Sudarsana Maha Yagam At Thiruvallur Ahobila Mutt