Vaikasa Utsavam Sobhana – Paatu


Vaikasa Utsavam Sobhana -paatu

Folk songs, kummi (clap dance), kollattam (dance with sticks) were popular in the yesteryears and have seen some revival these days. They are highly relaxing and sound like a combination of jingles but are an easy way to remember events. Temple utsavams follow a pattern and these songs sung with abandon  are worth learning about.

Sri Ubha Ve.Venkatavarada Thathachariar swami popularly known as ‘Ghanta Swami’ who can be seen in all utsavams at Varadan’s temple and at Thoopul, leader of the famous Veda Parayana goshti who often recites ‘Tirumanjana Kattiyam’  has shared Varadan’s Sobhana paatu with us. Swami who is almost eighty is as brisk as a teenager and is full of enthusiasm. He talked to us about this song which used to be a popular hit and womenfolk would perform “kummi” to this song during Varadan’s Brahmotsavam.

There are 43 verses in this song (Swami has sung it for us) and three more for the three “Theppotsavam” which Varadan blesses us with namely – Anantha Saras Theppam, Thenneri Theppam and  Raja kula Theppam. Let us all learn to be active, enthusiastic and full of Love for Perundevi and Varadan.

Varadan’s Shobana Paatu by Sri U.Ve.Venkatavarada Thathachariar

The shobana paatu lyrics 

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Photos & Video: Sundararajan

Write up: Vyjayanthi Rajan

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