Hevilambi Varusha Thirunangur 11 Garuda Sevai Utsava Patrikai

The Thirunangur 11 Garudans Festival Committee has planned to conduct 11 Garuda Sevai Utsavam in grand manner at Manimada Kovil Divyadesam, Thirunangur, Seerkazhi. The Utsavam will take place for 3 days from 17th to 20th  January 2018 . On 18th  January 2018 around 12 Noon, all Emperuman gather at the pandal before Sri Manimada Kovil followed by Azhwar Mangalasasanam. All Astikas are invited to attend the Utsavam and get the blessings of all 11 Emperuman in Garuda Sevai.

The following are the 11 Thirunaangur Divya Desams: 

  • Kavalampaadi
  • Thiruvanpurushottamam
  • Manimaadakkoil (Narayanan)
  • Arimeya Vinnagaram
  • Semponseikoyil
  • Vaikuntha Vinnagaram
  • Thiruvellakkulam
  • Thirudevanaar Togai
  • Thiruttetriambalam
  • Manikkoodam
  • Tirupparthanpalli

This is the Patrikai showing the details of Various events of Utsavam.

Appeal For Kainkaryam for 11 Garuda Sevai

I invite your esteemed presence to paricipate in 11 garuda seva festival which is to be held from 17.01.2018 to 19.01.2018. I am attaching garuda seva patrika for your kind perusal. Please note that a committee is functioning to meet out the festival expenses. But however the following expenses are not covered by the committee for which we have no upayadars. We seek your financial support for our 7 temples:-
1. Deepa oil, pooja articles for 3 days Rs.8,000/-2. Garlands for moolavar, utsavar,azhwars & acharyas
Rs.20,000/-3. Garlands for mangalasasanam during Azhwar visit Rs.7,000/-4. Archakar and additional archakar,paricharakars Rs.20,000/-5. Collect garudavahanams and other articles to shift main mandapam sripatham thangial,rs.20,000/-6. Tube light sets rent for 3 days rs.10,000/-7. To remove the grass in around the temple rs.15,000/-. We request you to kindly donate any one of the above item either in part or in full and may sent your donation in the name of the trust T.T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST , 4/83-A, Purushothama Perumal koil street, nangoor-609106, sirkali-Taluk.

You may transfer the funds to our trust sb a/c
1. T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST, SB A/C NO.608801152764,
ICIC00060882. T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST, SB A/C
Any clarification on this please contact me on
Adiyen dasan

Secretary & Treasurer

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